UCapital24 does NOT in any way offer financial or investment services. UCapital Intelligence is a Fintech platform, and as such neither it nor its user manual should in any way be construed as operational investment advice, nor as a solicitation to collect public savings or asset management. The software in question is a fintech analytical tool based on an artificial intelligence system on a series of trading systems intended exclusively for the MetaTrader trading platform to assist the user in trading activity. The user can enable and disable at any time the Software functionalities, setting every parameter according to his own strategy and keeping the constant control on the Trading activities performed: the user can in fact authorize or inhibit the opening of new Trades and close at any time the opened Trades, keeping the constant control of the Trading Account and the last word on all the decisions. The UCapital Intelligence software doesn't perform Mirror Trading or Copy Trading activities and doesn't constitute an asset management service, but it's only a tool that through specific algorithms allows the user to develop specific trading strategies: the user remains always in full control of the trading account, deciding autonomously the underlying on which to invest, the strategy to use, the way to enter and exit the market, and everything related to money management and risk/return profile. The user assumes full and total responsibility for his choices and operating strategies applied through the Software, fully aware of the economic risks related to any form of use of UCapital Intelligence and in general to operate with real money in the online trading sector, where the risks of losing in part, totally or even beyond the invested capital are very high. UCapital24 has no possibility to intervene in the investment processes replacing the customer's choices. By manually activating the Software, the user accepts that it automates certain operational processes on his behalf, without this being understood as portfolio management in any way, totally exonerating UCapital24 from any responsibility for damages or losses incurred by using the Expert Advisor UCapital Intelligence. Each choice remains the sole responsibility of the customer. UCapital24, as producer and distributor of the Software, expressly disclaims, for itself and its collaborators, any liability arising from the use of UCapital Intelligence for any loss or damage suffered by the user. It is the user's obligation to set, control and constantly monitor the work of UCapital Intelligence, using trading strategies that are compatible with his objectives and his risk appetite: the algorithms implemented in the Software do not and cannot provide any guarantee regarding future and unpredictable events, such as market trends or macroeconomic news, nor in any case provide personalized information for the client. The protection of the invested capital depends solely on the choices made by the user, especially with regard to the size of open trades and money management. The different strategies reported in the user manual represent only a didactic examination, moreover partial, of the possible ways to use the Software and cannot be considered in any way as advice or financial or investment consulting. The consulting activity provided by UCapital24 and its collaborators is limited to technical matters, such as the installation and use of the various functions of the UCapital Intelligence Software: in no way can it be considered as financial consulting, which is legally delegated to consultants registered in the appropriate registers and in possession of the required qualifications. The results presented in relation to the use of UCapital Intelligence do not constitute a guarantee of similar hypothetical future profit performance. Similarly, the settings used in the achievement of the above results are not intended as investment advice, but only as parameters that have been shown to be profitable in tests carried out on historical data: there is no guarantee on the part of UCapital24 that the same settings will be effective and profitable in the future, or can in any way protect the account from partial or total losses. The sale of trading signals is not intended to solicit, even indirectly, an investment from the user. Each choice is exclusively up to the user and the activity offered is an informative service that can be useful to allow the user to invest autonomously. It is the user to decide in the last analysis if, also on the basis of information, data and analysis acquired through the signals, it is or not opportune to invest, without that he is in any way bound to do it. Before trading you should consider your level of experience and your financial situation. UCapital24 makes every effort to provide its clients with all the necessary information but, in the event that this information or the associated risks are still unclear, we urge our clients to seek independent advice and make no guarantees about the services, information and signals provided. You agree that UCapital24 shall not be liable to any person or entity for any loss or damage, in whole or in part, arising from your reliance on such information, signals and services. This website, the sale of trading signals and the use of the UCapital Intelligence software are not intended for legal or natural persons belonging to jurisdictions in which, by virtue of their nationality, type of person, domicile or residence, registered office or for any other reason, access to the site, consultation thereof and the use of the proposed services would be prohibited or restricted. Persons to whom such restrictions apply are consequently prohibited from accessing this Site and the services offered. CFDs are complex instruments and carry a high risk of losing money quickly due to leverage. Between 74% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs. Assess whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to bear the high risk of losing money. It is your responsibility to invest only the amount of money you can afford to lose and to adopt settings that meet prudent and sustainable money management policies, protecting your trading account and using stop loss features when necessary.

UCapital24 does NOT in any way offer financial or investment services. UCapital Intelligence is a Fintech platform, and as such neither it nor its user manual should in any way be construed as operational investment advice, nor as a solicitation to collect public savings or asset management.