What is UCapital Intelligence?

UCapital intelligence is a fintech platform developed and offered by UCapital24 s.p.a., a company listed on the Italian stock exchange. The platform does not offer any trading or management service, but only and exclusively a fintech service conceived and designed for successful traders. UCapital intelligence is based on a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that allows you to benefit from all the trading algorithms made available to our customers to optimize the analysis of the markets and trade in an informed way, while limiting the risk and increasing the profitability.

What does UCapital Intelligence offers?

UCapital intelligence is a fintech platform that aggregates in a single environment everything a trader needs to act on the markets like a professional. The service includes technical and fundamental analysis, signals generated by UCapital24 algorithms, real-time news, insights, webinars, macroeconomic data and trading systems.
The service is offered to both private investors and financial institutions.
To see in detail all the functions, start the free 7-day trial or click on features.

I've never traded, what do I need to get started?

Starting online trading is very simple! Start opening a trading account with an online broker and create your profile by entering your personal data and uploading your documents. Once registration is complete, you can also start trading in demo by downloading the platform enabled by the broker (for example the Metatrader4, which can also be downloaded from the Appstore and Playstore). Then simply enter the credentials provided by the broker in the app to start trading in your favorite markets: forex, indices, commodities, stocks, crypto, etc.

Not sure which broker to choose? Ask our support, we will get you the best market conditions!

Which online broker should I use?

Online you can find many brokers offering access to major financial instruments. However, if you are new to it, you should know that each broker applies different commissions and spreads. To get the best market conditions on a wide range of instruments and assets we recommend opening a new trading account with our support team.
Furthermore, our Trading Systems perform well if the market conditions offered by the broker are optimal.

How much capital can I start with?

If you are new to trading it is advisable to start with a demo account. You will thus be able to choose a 'virtual' capital to train with. It is good to choose a capital as close as possible to the real availability with which you will really want to operate in the future. In this way you will be able to understand the differences between the various financial instruments, how leverage and margin work and, above all, test the efficiency of our analysis and trading signals first hand!
However, you must be aware that CFDs are complex and high-risk financial instruments. So never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Will my capital be tied up?

When you deposit the capital in your trading account to operate discretionally or to install a Trading System, you do not run into any type of restrictions. You can decide at any time to withdraw your capital. However, if you still have open positions, it is advisable to wait for them to be closed before withdrawing, or in any case to take into account the necessary margin so that those operations can remain open without going into capital distress.

How many signals are provided per instrument per day in UCapital Intelligence?

UCapital's algorithms analyze the markets through different inputs. Short-term trends, macroeconomic signals and technical analysis. Based on the market opportunities that are identified, the signal appears. There can be multiple signals per day but it is not a rule. It always depends on the dynamics of the market.

Can I cancel my Market Intelligence subscription?

When you subscribe to UCapital Intelligence with the Basic, Premium or Gold Licenses you take out a monthly subscription (or annual subscription in the case of the Gold License). If you no longer want to take advantage of the analysis, signals, training, trading systems and market news, just go to your account settings and cancel your membership before it renews automatically.
The 7-day free trial does not imply any automatic renewal.

I am not interested in discretionary trading, but I would like to use automatic trading systems only

If you are not fascinated by the financial world and discretionary trading and therefore you are not interested having the trading signals and analysis of UCapital Intelligence, with the Premium and Gold licenses you will be able to download your favorite Trading System at a discounted price. You will still have full access to all UCapital Intelligence functions forever. You never know you can change your mind!

How many Trading Systems can I download with the UCapital Intelligence Premium License

Within the UCapital Intelligence platform you will find the Trading Systems section. Inside there are over +10 performing Expert Advisors differentiated by strategy, risk and assets. With the Premium License you can download them all and install them on your favorite trading platform to create an automated strategy. Expert advisors will work and will be active as long as your Premium License is active. If you decide to suspend your subscription, the trading systems will also be automatically deactivated.
Talk with our team of experts for the correct installation of the Trading Systems. They will be able to advise you which EA best suits your needs.

How are trading systems installed?

For the correct installation of our Trading Systems we recommend that you get in touch directly with the assistance via chat or by filling out the contact form by clicking the 'CONTACT US' button below. For the installation you will need: funds available in the trading account, MT4 trading account credentials and VPS credentials. In any case, as soon as you purchase the Premium or Gold Licenses, the UCapital staff will get in touch with you to explain everything step by step.

What is a VPS? Is it mandatory to have it?

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) in general is used to host the files of a web project, software and other data, constantly guaranteeing the connection on the internet. In our case it serves to keep the Trading System operational 24h/24h without you necessarily having to keep the computer open and without worrying whether your home connection is stable.

Which trading platform is best suited for installing Trading Systems?

For the installation of the Trading Systems we recommend using the Metatrader4. The most widespread platform made available by most online brokers. You can easily download it from your app store.

How much can I earn with a Trading System?

Past earnings and performance that can be seen in the fact sheets of each Trading System are no guarantee of future earnings. Evaluate each system based on the risk of loss that you are willing to bear.

Can't find the answer to your question? Get in touch with us by filling out the form or by writing to us in chat!

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UCapital24 does NOT in any way offer financial or investment services. UCapital Intelligence is a Fintech platform, and as such neither it nor its user manual should in any way be construed as operational investment advice, nor as a solicitation to collect public savings or asset management.